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Maléfices v4 pour FoundryVTT (French RPG )

Ecryme v2 RPG four FoundryVTT (French/US RPG )

Les Héritiers  pour FoundryVTT (French RPG )

Beneos Search Engine ( )

Legends of the Wulin RPG ( )

Hero 6E Official FoundryVTT system (US RPG  )

NOC for FoundryVTT (collaborative work with Rwanoux, French RPG )

Official scenario module for Rêve de Dragon (French RPG)

Wastburg RPG for FoundryVTT ( )

Foundry module for the Tomb of the Colossus Gods campaign ( )

Demo videos of the Reve de Dragon system for FoundryVTT (French RPG ). Other videos available in my channel.

Weapons of the Gods for FoundryVTT (private order)

Pegasus RPG game for FoundryVTT (UK RPG game : )

Foundry modules for Domille's map ( )

Spells and Potions add-on module for Warhammer v4 - FoundryVTT

Hawkmoon RPG for FoundryVTT ( )

Vandentis RPG system for Foundry VTT (independant RPG game)

Shadows over Sol system for FoundryVTT (

Yggdrasill RPG (French RPG game, )

Fragged Empire for FoundryVTT )

Mournblade RPG for FoundryVTT ( )

Fan-made map packs for Warhammer v4 - Foundry VTT (more than 300+ maps)

Barbarians of Lemuria for Foundry VTT (French Flavor of the game )

CrucibleRPG for FoundryVTT (independant game editor)

Warhero RPG (Italian Indepedant RPG)