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This module implements the "Unofficial Grimoire" fan-made book. It offers new spells, as well as new lores fothe Warhammer system that GM and users might find useful.

What's included :

  • Druid : career, spells, talents, familiars
  • Elementalist : career, spells
  • Petty magic spells

Original document from Skyperbole (Discord Ratcatcher's guild)

Module development by LeRatierBretonnienr, Simulcrum

Franch translation of the module is intgrated into the French WFRP4E module.

Icons from :

  • Forgotten Adventures (Creative Commons Licence) for Familiars :
  • FoundryVTT 0.7.3+ Icons
  • Foundry system Pathfinder 1/2 Icons
  • Foundry system DnD5e 1/2 Icons