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This module offers various free-to-use maps for the scenarios inside and around Ubersreik (Starter Set, Adventures 1 & 2).

The maps are designed to be used with Foundry only, all other uses must be notified and requested to the authors on the Gitlab website.


Aldarion, Woeskwee, Bobours, Khashul, Creamdonut, Halfront, Scalou, Red, trashcan01, Skeroujvapluvit, LeRatierBretonnien

See the JournalEntry in the module to get the details about each map.

Tools and assets used

  • Dungeondraft
  • Dungeondraft assets
  • Inkarnate
  • Illwinter
  • 2 minute TableTop assets
  • Forgotten Adventures assets


The maps are freely usable for your own games. No re-distribution or commercial usage is allowed without contacting the relevant authors (see the Journal Note in the module)

This fan-mane module is self-published and unofficial, and is not in any way to be associated with Games Workshop or Cubicle 7. All relevant licences, trademarks and copyrights are used without permission and in no way meant to challenge ownership to them by Games Workshop and Cubicle 7.